Drawing at Waddesdon Manor
With The Royal Drawing School

Last week we had a very special opportunity to attend a workshop run by the Royal Drawing School at Waddesdon Manor. All of our Sixth Form students taking A Level Art attended, learning new skills through the drawing exercises that were set. At first everyone found the exercises challenging: a continuous line sketch without looking at the paper; drawing with the non dominant hand; close observation and drawing with an array of coloured wax pastels. It pushed everyone out of their comfort zone but brought about some surprising results, and a new way of thinking and experimenting for some students. We began the day inside, due to the weather, using the fantastic exhibition ‘Do You Remember Me…’ by Catherine Goodman in the Coach House Gallery as a source of study. In the afternoon the sun shone and we made our way to the formal gardens of the Parterre, behind the Manor, which gave plenty of inspiration as we concentrated on depth-of-field, observation, mark-making and colour. A really interesting and productive day thanks to the Royal Drawing School and the Learning Team at Waddesdon Manor.