The Creative Hub

In recent years the Art Department’s library of art/artist books has been collecting dust at the back of one of our classrooms. These days, if a student wants to research an artist, photographer or designer their immediate reaction is to search online. The web gives them instant access to a wealth of knowledge and digital galleries of work to inspire them. Books have been left behind. Increasingly the library felt like wasted, under-utilised space.  Yes we had used the area for the odd Yr13 art student exhibition, but how could we make better use of it and create a space that was of benefit to students in general?

The idea for the Creative Hub was born – a multi-functional space designed to inspire students and provide the facilities for research and creation. The whole corner was cleaned, crisp white paint freshened up the walls and the shelving was painted with a lovely soft grey eggshell paint. A graphic angular design was painted onto the walls (echoing the angular design of the Waddesdon Art logo) and Edison bulb lights hung from the beams to create a fresh, contemporary feel.  The majority of our books were donated to a local charity bookstore (those that we still felt would be useful were retained) and replaced with 4 MacBooks. Students have already made full use of them in lesson time, researching artists for their exam unit and printing out inspirational images for their sketchbooks. The desk area not only provides space for 6th form artists to work when classrooms are occupied by lessons, but also provides a calming workspace for younger artists who struggle to cope with the busyness of the classroom environment. Other features include exemplar sketchbooks to be flicked through, shelving to display KS3 artwork, a noticeboard containing information about our Creative alumni and prospectuses for Universities offering the best courses for studying creative subjects at degree level.

We hope this space will inspire creativity and help students to achieve their very best for many years to come.