Sophia Cliffe


I am a photographer with a passion for fashion advertising photography. I studied Photography, Graphics and Art at A-level


What have you done since leaving Waddesdon?

I went on to study Commercial Photography at Arts University Bournemouth and I have now continued on to do a Masters in Commercial Photography at Arts University Bournemouth

Is there anything /one who has inspired your creative practice?

Being allowed to explore all creative practices at A-Level has influenced my style of photography and helped me to excel in developing a distinct photographic style, influenced by my love for graphics and art, helping me combine them into my preferred medium of photography. I went to university with really good knowledge and skills needed to really succeed on the course thanks to the teachers and support at Waddesdon

What has been your most profound success?

Being asked to continue on to do a Masters so I can leave with a higher chance of getting my own agent and industry contacts

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Do what you enjoy and love to do


Sophia Cliffe work sample