The Latest Waddesdon Creative Alumni
The Class of 2022!

We want to wish the Class of 2022 good luck as they embark on a new chapter.  Many will be heading off to study at Universities across the country to further  develop their creative practice. From Marine and Natural History Photography in Falmouth to Architecture in Newcastle; from Hair, Make-Up and Prosthetics in London to Product and Furniture Design in Wales. We are excited to see the creative skills they develop and the adventures it takes them on.

Their achievement in reaching this point is no less than amazing when we consider the conditions in which they began their A Level courses. Covid restrictions were still in place, and particularly affected our Photographers. At the beginning of the A Level Photography course travelling to locations for photoshoots was out of the question and students were unable to use models other than household members for portraiture shoots. But, despite these restrictions, their creative talent shone through and by the time we mounted our annual exhibition in July all of our creative students had produced an amazing body of work. It was fantastic to see the department jam packed full of art, photography and graphic design work, and wonderful to be able to celebrate in person all that the students had achieved. If you missed the exhibition don’t worry, we will be launching a digital version of the exhibition here on the Waddesdon Creatives website later this year.

And so we say farewell and good luck.
Stay in touch, we’d love to hear how you are getting on.