‘Spirit of our Times’
Annual Exhibition 2022

Over the past two years, our GCSE and A Level students have faced a variety of hurdles: artists were forced to abandon paintings midway as various lockdowns were enforced; photographers struggled to realise their planned photoshoots due to disrupted travel, closed locations and restricted access to models; working from home, graphic designers spent periods with no access to the school Macs and technology students no access to the workshops. Despite all these challenges the creativity, talent and imagination of our students won through and the work they have produced is exceptional.

After a two-year hiatus, we were therefore excited to be able to celebrate in person the hard work, creativity and talent of our graduating Art, Photography, Graphics, Media Studies and Technology students. This year’s exhibition was aptly named ‘Spirit of Our Times’ and showcased the innovation, perseverance and resourcefulness of all the students through challenging times. It promised to be an extra special occasion after two years of virtual exhibitions.

We had an exceptional turn out of pupils, family and friends who were stunned by the calibre and originality of the students’ work. We look forward to sharing their work here on this website early in the new academic year (Sept 2022).