‘Curiouser and Curiouser’
Yr7 & Yr8 Curiosity & Creativity Workshops

At the beginning of the year we were delighted to invite Year 7 and Year 8 students to sign up for our Curiosity & Creativity workshops. These were a series of 2 week specialist workshops aimed at inspiring curiosity and enhancing skills in to enable students to work with a greater level of freedom across a range of media. We  designed a program of inspirational workshops, which were run by specialist teachers, to quickly develop new and advanced skills in a range of key Art disciplines such as painting, print making, 3D modelling and animation, textiles and digital illustration. Students were able to choose from Yummy Paint, Print Workshop, 3D Little Monster Sculpture, Beautiful Batik and Digital Illustration/Animation. Everyone got stuck in and loved having the opportunity to try out something new. Students were then invited to bring their loved ones to an exhibition showcasing their hard work. 

Well done to everyone involved.